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System Setup

Before you start configuring Door Tablet to connect to Planon you must prepare Planon. See here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Prepare Planon'VIDEO: General system admin

Start by selecting the technology:

Once you selected Planon, you will need two items:

  1. Domain name: this is the domain you use to access your instance of Planon. For example:
  2. Auth key: the Authorization Key that you have obtained, or provided to you by Planon, in the Planon preparation phase

You are now ready to test the connection to Planon:

That's it - done.

You are now ready to Synchronise the Door Tablet server with Planon and configure your spaces.

Your newly imported rooms will appear here:

You can now set-up on of the rooms, and propagate the settings to all other rooms, easily:
Edit a room, and mark it active:

Save your work. You are now ready to propagate the settings to all your newly created rooms.

The result of your work is this...
All rooms are active (not yet licensed), and ready to go:

You may now continue to further configure your spaces and Door Tablet in general.