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Importing Users

When you deploy Door Tablet and wish to use NFC your users must be registered on the system. You can register users and NFC tags individually (see here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Register NFC tags') but often when you need to have hundreds of thousands of users registered, importing these users is fast and practical.

Door Tablet allows you to import users from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or Comma delimited text files. If you use Excel, the program must first be installed on the Door Tablet server.

Importing users with NFC tags
The import process is designed to be secure, trouble free and fast. The overall process is:

  1. You create an Import Job where you upload your data file
  2. Door Tablet saves your data and starts processing the entries in the background, on the server
  3. When the process end, your job will be marked as completed
  4. You can now visit and check the records you imported
  5. If you are happy with the import you can ask Door Tablet to commit the data to the database
  6. If you are not happy and for whatever reason you wish to discard the import, you can do so easily
Once you commit the import to the database users can start using the system

Please note: the maximum number of records you may insert for each job is 2000.

Click on Imports

Click on New Import

Once you submit your Import Job, you will see it on the list of jobs:

Review your imported data:

When displaying imported data you can limit the data you see to the batch code used for the import:

You may delete record, one at a time, or, if needed, delete the entire imported batch by deleting the import job.

Accept the Import
To accept the imported records, open the Import Batch and:

Your newly imported users will now appear in the normal users view: