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Embeded Server

Door Tablet offers a variety of configurations. When you install Door Tablet for HCL Domino you install the Door Tablet Embedded software. Tablet software remains unchanged.

Installing Door Tablet Embedded

  1. Once you downloaded the software from the Door Tablet website you will have a single file, setup.exe
  2. Execute setup.exe on the Domino server where the Domino Resource Reservation database resides
  3. Ensure you have correctly selected the Domino Data and Program directories (the installer will attempt to get to the correct locations)
  4. Once the installation is complete, run a utility on the Domino server console and the databases will be created automatically

VIDEO: Door Tablet for HCL Domino

Running the Installer (setup.exe)

The Door Tablet installer - run it on your Domino server.

Ensure you select the correct version, corresponding to the Domino installations (and not the OS)
Please note we only support the 64bit version

Ensure you select the correct paths for program and data directories:

Once you run the installer you are ready to run the server utility which is responsible for creating your database as well as keeping your system current with the latest features.
The program is called "doortablet.exe" (not surprising). Before you run the application we suggest that you:

  1. Update the ACL of the databases: doors.nsf, doorsstats.nsf and doorswebui.nsf
  2. Sign the databases
Note: When you place templates on the server you may need to gain "Full Access Administrator" right to modify the ACL and to sign templates.

Follow these steps:
  1. Start the Domino Administration client
  2. Connect to the server
  3. Open the "doortablet" directory on the server
  4. Select all the databases
  5. Update the ACL
  6. Sign the templates doors.ntf, doorsstats.ntf and doorswebui.ntf
You are now ready to open the main database and commence set-up

The ACL looks like this:

You should change the ACL, as long as you remember to assign the role of Admin to administrators. The -Default- entry is currently wide open... close it.

Run the program on your server console by typing:
load doortablet
Note: it may be beneficial to sign the Door Tablet templates in the Domino server data root before you run the above load command.

Before you can bring your meeting spaces into Door Tablet you need to update the system profile and set the technology used:

Once you save the profile you may need to close the database and re-open it to see the Synchronise button.

You are now ready to Synchronise Door Tablet with your directory. See Database 'dt.HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Synchronise Rooms with Directory'