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Users imports

When you deploy Door Tablet and you wish to use RFID your users must be registered on the system. You can register users and RFID tags individually (see here Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Register NFC tags') but often when you need to have hundreds or thousands of users registered, you need a fast and practical way to import these. Therefore, Door Tablet allows you to import users from a Comma delimited text files (CSV)

VIDEO: Importing Users

The process is as follows:

  1. Create a CSV file containing your data
  2. Upload the CSV file using this form. Door Tablet will accept your file and create a JSON file from it
  3. Each record in the JSON file will show what action Door Tablet intends to take when importing the JSON, should you accept it
  4. You may view the JSON file using this form by clicking on the link below
  5. Accept the JSON file by clicking Accept JSON data

Open the Import CSV form:

CSV File
The columns you may use:
Field nameInfoExample
emailRequired email addres RFC821
nameFirst name and Last name with a space; required for new recordsJohn Maindoor
phoneTelephone number07788881111
nfccodeRFID/NFC Code: match what is read by End-PointsAND678ACC
categoriesCategories: hash separated (#). Used for categoriesBATCH72
teamsTeams: hash separated (#). Used for team names suchsales#marketing
userid/PINInternal ID: numeric - must be unique346534576
checkinexCheckin Exempt: Two fixed value: Y or NN
usernameUsername for authentication purposes; minimum length 5 charsjmaindoor
passwordPassword used for authentication purposes; minimum length 8 charspass1234
deskLimitAreasThe paths where this user can book desks: hash separated (#)USA\CA\LA\Building 1#USA\CA\SF\Building A\FL1

Please note that the email column must always be present.

Post CSV process
Once you processed the CSV file, a JSON file is created with information about each contact you are importing. We recommend that you use Google Chrome while opening the JSON file. This is what it looks like:

If you are happy with the results and the JSON file looks good, click on Step 5 to import the users to the database,