Door Tablet WBX - Windows Box

The Door Tablet WBX is our compact device running on Windows 10 that inputs Door Tablet’s Wayfinding services onto your communal screens, often placed strategically in reception areas, by elevators or lobbies.

Our wayfinding services include:
  • Cluster display - interactive room time bars
  • Schedule display - room time bars (read only)
  • Floor plans - most popular!
  • Airport display
  • Welcome messaging
  • Slideshows
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The Door Tablet WBX typically connects to any screen using two cables:
  • HDMI for crystal-clear picture resolution and text clarity
  • USB to enable touch screen interactivity
The Door Tablet WBX can be used with any monitor or screen, interactive or otherwise - just plug it into your existing screens and you are ready to go.

There is no need to buy any new software or screens!

WBX is a Windows device that works “out of the box” with the Door Tablet system. 

How do I enable Wayfinding services in Door Tablet?

If you have 10 or more workspaces licensed on Door Tablet, then Wayfinding services are automatically enabled.  With a WBX device, you will be able to view them as read-only.  For interactivity on the Wayfinding display, a wayfinding license is required.

Features and Benefits of the Door Tablet WBX

  • 140.8 x 107.5 x 27 mm in size - small and discreet
  • Less than 3cm in depth when installed on the back of screens or monitors using the supplied fittings – will easily fit behind most screens
  • Easy to mount on walls or the back of your display units – simple to mount and install
  • Works with interactive and read-only screens – total versatility
  • Surface hardness and anti-shatter – a robust device that will survive knocks and bangs
  • Wired and Wi-Fi ethernet connection – full access to the Door Tablet system is ensured
  • HDMI output - for crystal-clear picture resolution (up to 3840 x 2160p) and text clarity
  • Easily connects to multiple screens via two HDMI outputs
  • Managed remotely on the Door Tablet Web UI – easy to configure on your browser
  • Remote power management – switch off devices to save energy and money
  • eMMC Storage – your data preserved during power outages
  • With Intel inside you are assured a reliable Windows 10 system 

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