The benefits of Door Tablet begin with enabling the efficient and effective use of meeting spaces. More, they enable cost savings, improve employee focus and morale, and impress visitors with an organisation s commitment to operational excellence. Anonymousprnt::Y

Introduction to Benefits

Not only does Door Tablet make managing rooms easy, it also clearly communicates to employees and visitors that you value efficiency and productivity. It can also enhance corporate branding and messaging.

The benefits of the Door Tablet solution include:

  • View space availability from any display
  • Active signage enables effective planning
  • Never get lost again looking for your room
  • Broadcast your brand, products, and services
  • Extremely cost-effective service software
  • Easily scalable enterprise solution
  • Available in most major languages
  • Make your employees proud
  • Communicate professionalism to visitors
  • Consolidate use data on rooms occupancy
  • Enable optimal use of meeting resources
  • Informed purchase: try before you buy

Enterprise clients of Door Tablet have discovered the extra benefits that accrue to larger companies as they expand, building out their meeting rooms estate across multiple countries, sometimes in different languages. As they grow, so does their appreciation of Door Tablet.