The individual tablet and welcome-screens can be effectively adapted to your brand and vision, using Door Tablet's range of customisable features. Your uniquely designed and consistently branded Door Tablet screens will be sure to create a lasting impression for any visitors.

Features include:
  • A range of themes
  • Ability to modify fonts and colors, sizes and spaces
  • Add graphics and change backgrounds
  • Share customisations between groups of rooms
  • Use one customisation for the whole system
  • Override global customisation at resource level
Door Tablet is supplied with dozens of themes which you can use with minimal effort.  The adaptations we demonstrate below will refine any theme you use.

All the modifications you see here do not require any programming change to the the Door Tablet clients.  Moreover, these changes seamlessly affect all the Door Tablet clients on iOS, Android, Windows Universal app, Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) and web browsers alike.

Special features
You can even change the styling when the room status changes, or switch display languages using touch.

Adding a Logo
The tablet display begins as follows:

The following CSS is added:

#roomName {
background-image: url(/doortablet/i/IBM-logo1.gif);
background-position: no-repeat 97% center;
background-position: -webkit-calc(100% - 10px) center;
background-position: right 10px center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-color: black;

You then see the IBM Logo flushed to the right:

You do not need to use all the "background-position" options as some will not be required for your tablet.

Adding a background to the body.
Adding the following CSS, will show the image you see below:

#meetingInfo {
    background-image: url(other_ideas4.jpg);
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: bottom right;

Changing the Grey Bar and making more space
Adding the following CSS:
#roomIcon {
    background: white;

And the result of this little addition is:

Please note that from version 3.5 of Door Tablet you may also change all elements you see in the display.  So, for example, the "ENGAGED" above could be easily translated to "BUSY".  For more information see here.

A Completely Different Look
Door Tablet allows you to completely modify the interface without affecting system functionality.  This example shows how you can create a solid looking interface, which appears sharp and simple.

Like the above design? ask us for the CSS file required and your tablets will be transformed in seconds without any functionality loss.

Another modern look, this time using the entire display with graphics

Using the same style to view the status of other meeting rooms

You may find the required files for this branding here (login required)

Adding Styles

The first step is to "wire" the display to your own Style Sheet (css file).  You do so using the Door Tablet database via the Web UI or the Notes client, depending on your server.  You may also do this from the Tablet App itself.

OR, in the Web UI...

In the above case we add CSS for a particular room.  You can do this as a system-wide option by specifying the CSS in the system profile, and of course you can share the file amongst different rooms at your discretion.

See the complete feature list