Door Tablet Displays

Multiple Displays

Door Tablet offers a range of displays you can use outside meeting rooms and inside, too.  Currently available:
  • Single room display - Our most popular option, the single room display is placed by the entrance to your room.  Typical size 10.1" using Door Tablet AIO 
  • Cluster display -  A wayfinding display which shows a group of rooms using time bars, and offering full interactivity.  Typically used on large screen displays using Door Tablet ABX
  • Schedule display - A non-interactive wayfinding display which shows a group of rooms using time bars.  Typically used on large screen displays using Door Tablet ABX
  • Floor-Plan display - A wayfinding display which shows a group of rooms in an architural type floor plan, and offering full interactivity.  Typically used on large screen displays using Door Tablet ABX
  • Airport display - Similar to the Cluster display, but shows meetings in a similar way to airport departure displays.  Not interactive, can be multi-screen.  Typically used on large screen displays using Door Tablet ABX
  • Other displays - Welcome and Slideshow displays available, which are non-interactive with a variety of features and display types
  • In-room display - a display designed to alert meeting end times and offer additional services. 
  • Note: Our wayfinding displays may be integrated with any Digital Signage systems.

Single Room display

The Door Tablet room displays appear in a variety of ways. This is a "metallic" example:

The single room display is not limited to information about that room; there is an 'other' button allowing you to search for other meeting rooms. This will allow you to spend more time with clients and co-workers, and less time searching for an available meeting place.

Wayfinder - Schedule Display

When a room is busy, finding a free one in the vicinity is easy and can be done from every tablet.  You may also place large displays, such as TVs, in lobbies and similar areas (interactive and non-interactive), to optimise meeting room usage. 

Read more about Status Display

Wayfinder - Floor Plans and Cluster

With Door Tablet you can manage a number of resources on a single touch display, using a Door Tablet Floor Plan and the Door Tablet Cluster.  A single display station saves money and effort and helps direct employees to the right place.  Using maps, floor plans and photos will also ensure employees choose appropriate rooms for their needs.

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Wayfinder - Airport Display

Door Tablet offers displays similar to those seen at airports and train terminals, allowing you to find your way easily.  The display is aimed at organisations with many meeting rooms and fairly busy schedules.  When things calm down in the schedule, slide shows kick into play.  You can also show a number of displays side by side, similar to that of airports. Learn more about Airport Displays

Help people find your rooms easily by showing arrows next to meeting rooms.  Read all about Wayfinding Arrows

In your language

Door Tablet runs natively in twelve languages, including two Semite languages.  If your language is not covered you can add your own language using the Door Tablet translation facility or contact us for native implementation.  Our built-in supported languages are listed  here.

You can also modify any text that appears on the screens to suit your brand's aesthetic.

Slide Shows

You can make even better use of your hardware investment, as Door Tablet allows you to play slideshows.  When there are no meetings to display, Door Tablet will broadcast shows that you have created, together with captions.  This allows you to show your visitors information or photos about your company, your ethos, new product lines, even today's cafeteria specialty.  Choose from 350 slide transitions and 470 caption transitions.

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And more about Slide Shows

Branding - make it yours

Door Tablet allows you to completely brand the displays to your needs, corporate image and style.  Whether you have a few rooms or hundreds, the interface facilitates fast and complete control. 

You may use the branding features to hide screen objects and adjust the display to screens of different sizes.  You may also change text that appears on the screen including dates and formats.  Most of the work is done using CSS and a web browser - allowing you to use common skills on standard technologies.
Read about Introduction to Branding
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Client APPS - Your Choice

Our client software has been developed to give you freedom of choice.  It also makes it easy for you to test and evaluate our software even before you get your hardware.  The software runs on the following platforms:
  • Native Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 and Samsung Smart Signage Platform
  • Door Tablet AIO (Android-based)
  • Any modern HTML5 Web Browser.  Read more about the browser interface
You may obtain the app from the following stores.