Power Over Ethernet - POE from LAVA

Tablet USB LAN Adapter with PoE

The LAVA STS-PE Power over Ethernet (PoE) USB LAN Adapter for Galaxy Tab, provides
power and LAN connectivity for continuous Ethernet and tablet charging capability.

Engineered with extensive power-management testing for robust operation, the STS-PE 
can be used on its own, or as part of a third-party enclosure solution, supporting a variety
of kiosk-type applications requiring wired Ethernet and Power over Ethernet.

Other Door Tablet Hardware

OTG Device
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 upwards

Power is provided over the RJ45 LAN connector from a PoE enabled Network Switch. The PoE interface provides up the 13.5 watts of power for the STS-PE and tablet charging.

The Aux. 5V Input can optionally be used to power the STS-PE when no PoE is applied over the RJ45 LAN Connector. This power option is present for initial testing prior to enabling PoE. A standard USB Charger/Power Supply is used, such as that provided with the tablet. The power supply must never exceed 5.25 volts.

1 x Micro USB B to Micro USB B cable (39″/100 cm)

Note: The custom 39″ cable connects the device to the tablet. This cable must not be extended.

1 x RJ45 10/100 Ethernet port (for PoE & LAN)
1 x Micro USB B port (for OTG Device/Tablet)
1 x Micro USB B port (the Aux. 5V input)
1 x Push Button (Charge mode switch)
1 x Charge Only indicator LED
1 x SimulCharge indicator LED

1 x Specialty port (for extended hub-to-tablet cable)
1 x 2-pin header (to optional Charge Mode switch)
1 x 2-pin header (Type jumper)
1 x 3-pin header (Charge Only indicator LED)
1 x 3-pin header (SimulCharge indicator LED)


  • PoE capable/Standard Power Injection (13.5 Watts, Class C)
  • Simultaneous USB Host and charging for Samsung tablets
  • Designed for commercial/OEM use with Galaxy Tablets (see compatibility list of supported devices)
  • Works with out-of-the-box (unrooted) tablets to ensure compliance with Samsung warranty requirements
  • Ability to switch between “SimulCharge” and “Charge Only” modes via a push button switch
  • Use of “Charge Only” mode is available for tablet boot-up and recovery
  • Prevents power drain from the tablet to USB peripherals in the event of power loss
  • 1 x RJ45 10/100 Ethernet LAN
  • Enhanced Accessory Charging Adapter (ACA) mode switching
  • Enhanced charging stability

Depth: 3.3 inches (83 mm)
Width: 3.8 inches (97 mm)
Height: 1.7 inches (44 mm) – with feet