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Welcome Display

Door Tablet allows you to display your meeting space schedules on a large monitor or digital TV. You can place such displays in:
  1. Lobbies
  2. Floor entries
  3. Conference centers and other places.
Remember you can create your own neighborhoods. Click here Database 'dt.HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Configure Neighborhoods'. To learn about Schedule displays, click here Database 'dt.HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'TV Display - Schedule'.

VIDEO: Wayfinding displays

Opening a neighborhood display
Go to the neighborhood overview by tapping "Other Displays":

Tap on the neighborhood you want to look at.

You will see the following screen:

As you can see above, when you open a neighborhood, Door Tablet will show the meeting spaces included in it.

Tap on "Welcome Display". The following are examples of the screen that you will see:

When there are Welcome messages to show, this is how your screen could look:

Welcome Messages
For Microsoft Exchange users, welcome messages may be added via the Web UI. For Domino users these may be added via the Web UI but also via the Resource Reservation database itself.

Adding Welcome Messages via the Web UI

Click on one of the Reservations views. The calendar view shows your meeting space calendars:

Click on a calendar entry to add a welcome message and indicate if you wish it to be public and show on the schedule displays on Public monitors (TVs).

Display an entire image over your meeting
When you run events in meeting centres (for example in hotels), you may like to display a single static image over the entire display for the duration of the meeting. When the image is displayed you still have access to all the display functions: just touch the display and the image will disappear. Once the display is left untouched for 10 seconds, the image display will resume until the end of the booking.