What is Door Tablet?
Door Tablet is a system for display devices placed by workspaces. They allow a range of features to help you use your rooms and resources more effectively.   Door Tablet provides five additional Wayfinding display types for use on large monitors strategically placed around your buildings.

The system enables full administrative control over multiple resources from a centralized interface, allowing you to manage the system to suit your requirements. From ad-hoc meetings to a one-tap call for room assistance (anything from catering to technical help), the administrator can regulate room usage in an effective and secure way.

The system includes the ability to implement full corporate branding, large TV displays with welcome messages for visitors, and check-in or out of pre-booked meetings. Through the corporate calendar and scheduling system, individuals can book meetings in advance with admin approval and view the schedules of many rooms.

Door Tablet is ideal for complexes with multiple meeting rooms.
The system is supported by an easy-to-use browser interface. The Web UI is available for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, IBM Domino and Google Calendar.  The system interacts with these back-end servers in real time.

The apps are available from the following App Stores:

Back-end components, in the form of installers, are available on this website.  You will need to register, log in and download the installer for your environment.  You can evaluate Door Tablet before you decide to purchase it.

Door Tablet AIO
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Try Door Tablet - on your screen now

If you have already registered on this website you can try the Door Tablet app from here. Simply click on the screen on the right and begin.

Using Door Tablet from a PC is not demanding to the device and as it uses a modern browser only, the PC or laptop may be low spec and likely to be low cost. This feature is particularly useful when connecting Door Table to a large TV when using Welcome or Schedule displays.
You may also use this option with PCs equipped with touch screens.

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