News Letters

Read what we have recently sent to users registered on the Door Tablet system.

03/16/2018Door Tablet News - and release V8.4.6
Door Tablet News - and release V8.4.6
11/03/2017Door Tablet News - New site and more
New support for Windows Tablets
05/19/2017Door Tablet V8.2
New support for Windows Tablets
12/23/2016Door Tablet News
New Sales director, sensors and more
10/05/2016Door Tablet - V8 - Out Now
Axxerion, Distant Reservations, app fix and new web ui tool
06/13/2016Door Tablet - V7.7
Floor Plans, NFC, Chinese
04/19/2016Door Tablet AIO - Available
Availability of Door Tablet AIO
03/04/2016Door Tablet - V7.4.5
Samsung Smart Signage updated, new meeting indicators
02/09/2016Door Tablet - V7.4
New hardware and a new Quotation Tool
12/15/2015Door Tablet - V7.3
Samsung Smart Signage Platform client released, new APIs, G-Cloud 7 and new partnership
09/08/2015Door Tablet - V7.1
New serve technology - CSV files source. Client monitoring, New Packages
07/07/2015Door Tablet - V7.0
New support for Windows Tablets
05/10/2015Door Tablet - V6.5
Office 365 support, Wayfinding, reservation slots
03/11/2015Door Tablet - V6.3
Google Universal Analytics introduction
01/07/2015Door Tablet - V6.0
New Server technology support - Google for Work
11/21/2014Door Tablet - V5.5
New display features including Slide Shows and Airport Displays. New quotation tool
09/09/2014Door Tablet - V5.0
New Cluster displays, new branding options
08/04/2014Door Tablet - V4.6
Semite language support, meeting details displays
06/20/2014Door Tablet - V4.5
New API, maps and photos
03/22/2014Door Tablet - V4.1
Added Auto resume, fixes
02/28/2014Door Tablet - V4.0
Added Meeting Center mode, new translation features, fixes
01/13/2014Door Tablet - V3.4
New licensing options, improved styling, Web UI improvements
12/16/2013Door Tablet - V3.2
Support for Microsoft Exchange 2007 and upwards, new Web UI